What Are Supported Living Services and Do I Qualify??

Supported Living Services

“Supported Living Services” (SLS) is an official term for care providers who work in your home.  What makes them different from other support people is that they are funded by the Regional Center specifically to help adults with disabilities live in their own homes as independently as possible.  The Regional Center does not provide the SLS workers for you. This is done by different agencies that are approved by the Regional Centers to do so. Little Red Wagon (LRW) is such an agency.

Little Red Wagon will interview you about what you need and then hire and train the SLS workers for you.  Little Red Wagon calls the SLS workers “guides.”  We help you design a plan and we work with you and the guides to make sure the assistance is going the way you want it to.  Depending upon what you need, you can have guides for just a few hours or up to twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Do I Qualify For Little Red Wagon’s Services? 

You might!  If you match every point in the list below, give us a call and we can start the process of getting you the assistance you need.

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You live in your own home or apartment where you pay the rent or mortgage.
  • Your home can have roommates but it is not a group home or otherwise funded.
  • You are a Regional Center client.
  • You do not expect SLS to provide medical or psychiatric care beyond basic assistance.

If it looks like you qualify, call us.  We’ll tell you about our approach and answer your questions.  Then in collaboration with your case worker at the Regional Center we will go over your needs.  Together we will design a custom program for you with the finest support staff available, at no charge to you.  If you need a few hours of support or 24/7 support, let’s talk. We’ll guide you through the entire process.

  • Your independence is our goal.
  • We call our support staff “guides.”
  • Our motto is: your life your way.

From just a little support to as much as you want and need, we are here for you.

Thanks for my guides! We laugh together.